The company announced on Monday it would spend $50 million on a logistics center that it says will support the growth of its global logistics business.

The $50 billion facility, located at the company’s factory in St. Petersburg, Florida, will be GE’s first in North America.

The company plans to spend $3 billion on the facility and will also invest in new facilities, the company said in a statement.

“Today we are pleased to announce a new $50M GE Logistic Growth, which will enable our global logistics team to grow and expand its capacity, and to create opportunities for the thousands of people we employ to grow their skills,” the company added.

The GE Logistical Growth, located in St Petersburg, Fla., will be the companys first logistics facility in North American.

The new facility will help the company expand its footprint and improve the quality of life for its employees, the statement said.

GE expects to hire more than 50,000 workers in its St. Peter, Fla.

facility, the first in the company s footprint.

The company said it expects to spend about $6 billion on its new St. Pete facility and invest in additional facilities to support its growing workforce.

The St. Martin, Fla.-based company has been looking to expand its operations to other countries in recent years, as well as expand into other areas of the world, such as China.

The U.S. company has said it has more than 1,000 employees in the U.K. and Germany.

The new GE St. Paul facility will be located in the town of St. Helens, Washington, about 20 miles north of Seattle.

GE announced plans to build a factory in Wisconsin in 2017 and a factory near Milwaukee in 2020.GE is currently expanding its manufacturing operations in China, and is also expanding its operations in South Korea, India and the United Arab Emirates.