By now, we’re familiar with Microsoft’s cloud gaming ambitions.

The company’s been working on a video game-centric cloud since last year, and today it’s announcing a new offering.

Azure Video Game is Microsoft’s way of bringing gaming to Azure and Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and Xbox One consoles.

As part of the deal, Azure Video Games will be available for download for free, with the caveat that you have to be running Windows 10 to get the game.

It’s not clear when or if this new offering will launch, but Microsoft says that it plans to roll it out “as soon as it’s available.”

Azure Video Gaming’s new offering is free for existing Azure customers, and it’s free for new Azure customers who subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, a free subscription that lets them access Xbox games on Xbox One.

Microsoft is also giving away Azure Video games through a promotion that runs through November 12, when it will be free to download and play for 30 days.

The new service will also be free for people who want to take a few games with them on Windows 10 or Xbox One for testing purposes.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed when the new service might launch.

The Azure Video gaming service is only available on Windows PCs, but the Xbox Games Pass lets users get access to the same games on their consoles.

In addition to Azure Video, Microsoft has also announced its first-ever Xbox GamePass promotion, where people can get access at no additional cost to Windows 10.

Microsoft will also give away a handful of free games to Microsoft users who subscribe for the Xbox Video Game Pass.

These games will be made available to all users who sign up for the Game Pass on Xbox, Xbox One, or Windows 10, so users can try them out and see what they’re like before purchasing them.

For Windows users, Microsoft also announced a new Xbox Game pass that will let you play games for free on your Windows 10 PC or tablet for a month.

Microsoft says the Xbox One and Windows Games Pass are available in the Microsoft Store for free and that the Xbox 360 Game Pass is free, but that you can buy the Xbox game pass if you want to play on your Xbox One console.

If you’re on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you’ll need to upgrade your operating system to get to the new games.