The federal government’s new job creation strategy will pay a big raise to employees of the country’s largest logistics firms, with new rules for new hires.

The government said Monday it will give employees a 5 per cent pay increase, starting in 2018.

That will rise to 10 per cent by 2021.

The move is part of the government’s plan to boost Canada’s GDP by nearly 5 per to 6 per cent in the next three years, according to the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

“As Canada continues to transition from one-party rule to multiparty rule, it’s critical that all Canadians benefit from increased opportunity, particularly for those who are at the top of their career, and for those at the bottom of their careers,” said Canadian Council president Tony Clement.

“The increase will ensure that we can invest in infrastructure, increase jobs, and grow our economy.”

The job posting for a general manager and a logistics coordinator in Canada will remain unchanged, with the job opening for both positions to open in 2021.