China is buying U.K. aerospace and other components, and will buy U.N. peacekeeping forces, as the government seeks to bolster its ability to provide security around the world, the government’s arms industry and its biggest arms exporter said.

China, the world’s biggest arms importer, will purchase some military products such as drones and missile defense systems from the U.k. for the first time, according to the National Aerospace and Defence Administration, which oversees the export of defense products.

The U.KS is the world leader in aerospace exports and has been the biggest buyer of U.s. defense equipment, but the government has also ordered large quantities of U,S.

military hardware, such as Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles.

The sale comes amid growing concerns about China’s growing military capabilities and as Beijing tries to bolster global dominance through its military buildup and military-backed economic development.

“China is committed to expanding its capabilities to ensure the security of its citizens and national interests in the Asia-Pacific region,” the Chinese Defense Ministry said in a statement.

China’s military modernization and modernization of its military infrastructure has grown to become one of the biggest threats to regional stability and prosperity, according the U-S.

National Security Council.

It will also be important for China’s ability to counter U. S. assertiveness, said Richard Armitage, an arms industry analyst at IHS Markit.

The Chinese Defense Department, the country’s main arms exporters, said in an online statement that the acquisition of U-K.

equipment will enhance China’s “capacity to protect its own security and interests.”

Chinese state media has been widely critical of the U.-K.

for years over its defense spending, which has fallen by more than 70% over the past decade.

China is also facing growing concerns over its military capabilities.

The defense ministry did not provide details about the purchase.