Posted June 06, 2018 08:54:00 When it came to logistics, a startup called Line2Logistics recently raised $8 million from investors including Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Kleiner Perkins.

But the firm’s ambitions are far more ambitious.

Its founders are hoping to build an app that lets people manage their logistics and shipping needs with the same tools they already use.

The app will have an open platform where businesses can create their own online store for their logistics needs, like Amazon’s and eBay’s.

Line2 will also integrate with logistics services to offer them more data on what their customers are looking for, like shipping times and the location of their order.

If you’re looking to buy a new shirt, Line2 says it can give you the info you need about where the shirt is, what size it is, how much it is going to cost, and so on.

The startup says it has raised $25 million from Google Ventures and Andreessen Fund.

Line3Logistics is a different kind of startup.

Its goal is to help businesses manage their shipping needs like Amazon, eBay, and eBay Plus.

Line 3Logistics has raised a total of $25.5 million from venture capitalists and angel investors.

The company will work with companies like FedEx and UPS to help them make that process easier.

Line 2Logistics, meanwhile, wants to be the first startup to build a logistics app.

Line4Logistics makes a similar app, but Line4 will make it available to businesses as well.

The founders want to build it so they can take care of their own logistics, and they’re looking for partners to help with the initial launch.

Line 4Logistics currently has a few partners in the field, including Amazon, Walmart, and FedEx.

Line 1Logistics and Line 2 Logistics are currently in the process of raising additional funding, and Line 4 Logistics plans to launch this year.

It’s a very different type of startup to Line 2, which is focused on building an app for businesses that already have the tools they need.

Line 8 Logistics is an even bigger startup, and its mission is to provide the same services as Line2.

It will help companies manage their own fulfillment centers and delivery companies.

The goal is for Line 8 to have an app out that will let them run their own warehouses and distribution centers.

It also plans to offer logistics services in the form of logistics apps.

Line 7 Logistics started out as a way for people to track their grocery purchases and then have them shipped to them.

That ended up being a huge pain for people who don’t have a physical location to track what they’re ordering and have to go through a bunch of logistics.

Line7 is now focusing on getting those tracking numbers to people, as well as helping them track the logistics and delivery of their orders.

That could help them optimize their order to get it to the right people, or make sure it gets delivered quickly.

Line8 has raised an undisclosed amount of funding.

Line 9 Logistics, which has raised over $2.5 billion in venture capital, has a much different mission than Line2 or Line4.

It has no physical location or a physical warehouse, and it has no real business model.

The mission of Line9 is to enable people to manage their online shopping, even if they’re out in the world doing something else.

This is the same idea as Line 2.

Line9 will help customers find the right products they want for their needs and then make sure they get them in the right time.

That’s the idea with Line 9.

Line 10 Logistics has already raised over a $1 billion funding round.

Line 11 Logistics will have to compete with other startups like Line2 and Line4 if it wants to get traction with the tech world.

It’ll need a lot of support, too, as it’s still in its early stages.

But it’s looking to raise more money to make its service more efficient and help businesses do more with less.

Line 12 Logistics doesn’t have much in the way of financial backing.

But its mission of helping customers manage their order fulfillment is one of its biggest selling points.

Line 13 Logistics raised $1.5,500 in seed funding last year.

Line 14 Logistics says it’s working on a new app for the same mission.

Line 15 Logistics focuses on making it easier for people and businesses to track the exact times and locations of their packages and to deliver them at the right moment.

It hopes to make it easier to track how much shipping your order is going for, so that you can figure out what you’re getting and what you’ll pay for it.

Line 16 Logistics also has a mission that might sound a little different from the others.

Line 17 Logistics offers a tool for people like customers to manage the shipping of their products.

It makes it easier than ever to track