A new set of map features that will make it easier for businesses in Bengaluru, including the city’s logistics and retail hubs, to stay on top of their business and retail strategies, has been released.

The new map features three main pillars – the ‘Bengaluru Business Hub’, ‘BENORE logistics’ and ‘business map’.

According to the data, businesses in the Bengaluru Business District (BBD) and the area around the CBD can avail the services of a Bengaluru based logistics company that provides business management, logistics, marketing and marketing support, for example for their operations and retail stores.

This will enable businesses to have their operations run smoothly with a simple, one-stop-shop.

According to BBD’s chief executive officer Prashant Sharma, “Businesses in Bengalurys CBD can take advantage of the BBD services, like the logistics company, to manage their business as a business.

This will give them a seamless flow of goods and services, and the business can focus on what they’re doing right, instead of the work that they have to do.

This can also be good for our environment as a whole, since it makes our city a more eco-friendly place.”

The data also reveals that companies in the CBD are not only allowed to operate from a central location, but can also operate within 100km radius of the CBD, as per the guidelines.

“There is a certain distance from a business center to the CBD.

There is also a distance to the business from the CBD itself, which means if there is any delay in getting a business license, the business could be affected,” said Sharma.

The map also shows that in addition to a business hub, BBD also has a ‘business location map’, which can help businesses and entrepreneurs get a better insight into the CBD area.

“The business location map shows the business location in the entire city, which can be useful for businesses that have to move around the city,” said Prashants partner Anirudh Patil.

“If they are moving around the capital, the location map will show the distance to their current location, and they can also see where the office is.

They can also find the exact office they want to open.”

According to Sharma, the Bengaluries business hub is one of the top five most valuable business centres in the country, and BBD is now also among the top 10 most valuable CBD hubs in the world.

“Bengales business hub was built in 2000.

Now we have about 400 business establishments that are operating in it.

Businesses are now coming in to the hub to start their operations.

In the past, it was a big hassle for businesses, because there was no business map,” said Patil, adding that the new map will help businesses make their business management easier.

The new business hub will be integrated with the citys Business Master Plan.

The BBD Business Hub is one among the three pillars of the Bengalurence Business Masterplan.

According to Sharma: “The BBC is one pillar of the masterplan and the other pillars are the CBD and the central business district.

We hope the business hub can become a major hub in the city and help the city get more business.”