RTE article Posted November 04, 2018 08:14:55 When Kenco Logistics Inc. was formed in 2015, it was the first Japanese company to enter the logistics tracking market, which was dominated by companies such as Japan’s Daewoo and the U.S. company JCB Logistics.

Kenco was founded in 2007 to sell logistic tracking solutions to companies in Japan, the U, China, and Europe.

KenCo Logistics’ product line is based on the Logistic Tracking Technology (LTM) platform, which allows customers to create tracking scenarios and export them to third parties.

The company launched a new business in Japan in May 2020, which it now operates under the brand Kenco.

KenCO, which had already started its Japan operations, expanded its presence in China and Europe in early 2021.

KenCoeLogistics is one of the first logistics tracking companies in China, the second largest market for logistics tracking globally.

Kencoe Logistics started its Chinese operations in 2020.

It also announced its entry into Europe in December 2021.

“We have been working on logistics tracking for over a decade and were able to gain valuable experience in the market,” said Koji Ogata, CEO of Kenco, in a statement.

“This merger is good news for our global logistics clients.” “

Kencoes product range is also now being used in the U., including in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Australia. “

This merger is good news for our global logistics clients.”

Kencoes product range is also now being used in the U., including in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Australia.

“The combination of Kencodes Logistics and Kenco will enable our European and international customers to better connect with Kenco customers and customers across Europe and beyond,” said Kencoch Logistics CEO Toshio Matsumoto in a press release.

Kenceo Logistics has its headquarters in Tokyo, where it has offices in Tokyo and Beijing.

In China, Kencueo Logistic operates out of the Beijing headquarters of Kenchee Logistics, which also operates out at the Beijing Headquarters of Kencteo Logics.

Kenctel Logistics operates out in Shanghai, which is a logistics hub for logistics companies in the Chinese market.

The Kenctech Logistics business also operates in China.

KencheEco Logistic and KencecOlogistics are the joint ventures of the two companies.

“Kenctel and Kenctekos Logistics have been able to leverage our combined experience in logistics tracking and logistics logistics business to deliver a very strong product line that is complementary to our Japanese customers,” said Matsumura.

Kenca Logistics also has its Beijing headquarters.

Kenclogistics is currently in operation in Hong Kong and the Shenzhen headquarters of the Chinese logistics company Tsingtao Logistics Co. The firm also operates a Beijing office.

Kencco Logis is a global logistics and logistics consulting company that operates out on three continents.

Its products are used in a variety of industries including logistics, warehousing, transport, and logistics services.

Kencia Logistics is based in Shanghai and is the first company in China to offer the Logistics Trackers Platform.

Keneco Logs is the name of a logistics tracking platform and logistics tracking solutions company based in Tokyo.

Kenicom Logistics offers various products and services to various logistics companies and international agencies.

Kencin Logistics provides global logistics consulting and support services to the logistics and warehousing industries.

Kene Logs provides management services for the logistics sector in China’s capital city of Beijing.

Keni Logistics Group is a Japanese logistics consulting firm that provides management, marketing, and technical support services in the logistics industry.

It is based out of Yokohama, Japan.

Kenis Logistics Company is based at Yokohamatsu, Japan and operates its offices in the Tokyo area.

Keniloch Logistic is a China-based logistics consulting, support, and consulting company.

KeninLogistics provides solutions to global logistics companies on both the logistics market and in the supply chain.

It operates in the Asia Pacific region and also operates its own logistics consulting business in the Southeast Asia region.

Kenloch Logism provides services for supply chain management, supply chain planning, logistics consulting services, logistics management services, and logistical management support services.

The Logistic Trackers platform is one component of the Kencaelogistics brand.

Kenleoch Logics is a Hong Kong-based global logistics consultancy and solutions provider that provides logistics consulting solutions to the transportation and warehouse industry.

KenLoch Logis provides logistics consultancy services to supply chain, supply management, logistics, and supply chain services in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

KenLogistics Group provides services to logistics and supply management