With the first passenger plane to fly from the United States to Australia scheduled to be flown on Friday, DHL has given a pretty good indication of where the new jet will go.

As of today, the company says the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner will arrive in Sydney on Friday.

DHL said the plane will have a range of about 2,800 kilometres, and will be able to reach all of Australia’s major airports, including Perth, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide.

While the aircraft will be the first non-commercial aircraft to fly in Australia, the airline says it will not be the last, as the company will be developing the first cargo aircraft in 2018, and has already been looking to the US.

The company said the first 737 MAX would arrive in 2019, followed by a Boeing 757-200 and eventually the Boeing 777-300ER, which is being built in China.DHL is also set to begin delivering the first 787-8 aircraft to Australia later this year.

Dhs spokesperson said the company has already started construction on a new terminal, with plans to open it later this month. 

In the meantime, Dhl said it would be launching a new service for passengers to choose from, offering “a variety of high-quality, environmentally-friendly and environmentally-sustainable travel packages”. 

DHL has been offering flights between the US and Australia since 2008, and it currently has flights from New York to Melbourne from its base in Hobart.

The airline says that passengers will be treated to a more efficient and environmentally friendly travel experience, with more than 50% of the fuel used in the plane being made from recycled waste. 

Dhl is also expected to start selling flights to the United Arab Emirates in 2018.