Airlines, hotels, and car rental companies are preparing for a surge of flights and cruise ships from the Northeast to New York, and that means a flood of people heading north to New Jersey and other parts of the country.

But for those who are heading north, they have a little more to worry about.

The National Guard says it has mobilized troops to guard key areas of the state.

The Coast Guard says its deployed to the state of New Jersey as well.

And many businesses in the state are offering discounts to those who travel.

It’s not clear how many flights have been canceled, but it appears to be more than most people expected.

Some airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Express, have announced they will not carry passengers from New Jersey until the storm is over.

Other airlines have postponed their departures until Monday, though it is not clear whether they are canceling flights from New England, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York State, or Pennsylvania.

The Department of Homeland Security has said it is providing additional resources to help airlines prepare for a possible surge in passenger traffic.

The New York Governor’s office says there are already approximately 12,000 flights being scheduled between New York and New Jersey, but there are some airlines that are cancelling flights to the states because of the storm.

Here are some of the options that are available to passengers heading to and from New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Air New Brunswick: There are no flights scheduled for Monday, but you can get a discount on tickets.

The company is offering the option of free transportation for up to 10 days for up of $50 or up to $100.

The discount starts at 7 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 3 and ends at 9 a.m on Sunday, Jan 6.

Airlines from New Hampshire to New Brunswick also have discounted tickets, but they do not offer free transportation.

Aeroflot, the operator of New Brunswick’s busiest route, said Monday that it has canceled all flights, and said it will offer free flights to travelers who need to get to their destinations in New Brunswick.

Delta, the largest US carrier by passengers, said it has suspended flights to and through New Brunswick as well as to Boston and Philadelphia.

Delta said Monday it will be providing free transportation to New Yorkers who need it.

Delta also said it would be providing discounts to passengers who need transportation in New Jersey for as long as they can stay with us.

Delta says passengers who are arriving from New Zealand and Ireland will be able to pay extra for the same flights to New England.

Air Canada and WestJet announced Monday that they will be offering free or discounted flights from Montreal to New Brunswickers.

WestJet says it is offering a free one-way trip to Montreal from Montreal on Jan. 5 for up at least $60, but customers must book through their airline or booking agency.

Westjet says the cost will be $70 on Monday, with a $20 surcharge for international flights.

Southwest Airlines announced Monday it would cancel all flights in and out of New England for Jan. 6.

Southwestern Airlines says the trip will cost $30 one way.

The flight is scheduled to depart from New London and take off at 4:50 p.M.

(0550 GMT).

Southwest said it was making the change to avoid delays at other airports.