Posted March 07, 2019 15:29:06 The mobile app “simplify logistics” could make it easier for drivers to save money by helping them avoid trips that would not be in their best interest, a team of researchers has claimed.

A new app called SmartBuddy can track a driver’s time, location and mileage while on a trip, providing them with the information they need to avoid costly and time-consuming delays.

SmartBuddy aims to reduce delays, saving drivers time, money and the fuel they need by making it easier to track their mileage, time spent on a road trip and how much they use the fuel.

It could also be used to monitor how a driver has been using their mobile phone while driving.

The app, which was developed by the research group in partnership with the Australian Automobile Association, has been tested by some of the biggest names in the automotive industry.

The research group from the University of Adelaide’s Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure (ITI) has found that using SmartBuddys information on drivers, like how many times they have driven, the app can save drivers time and money.

Smartbuddy uses GPS to provide detailed location information for drivers as well as a map of the route, to help them make smart decisions about when to make a stop or go for a meal, or when to stop at a petrol station.

Drivers can also opt to download the app for free and share their results with their friends, or make their own custom maps for use on their smartphones, as well.

It has also been tested for the benefit of the environment.

The app has been successfully tested in areas with high levels of air pollution and is able to track a range of pollutants and other air pollutants.

Smart Buddy also has a mobile app for other road trips, and it is currently available for the Apple Watch.

Smart Buddy can be used by drivers in a number of different ways, including to help with navigation, or as a smart home device that can help you find where your next destination is and what your future activities are.

The group claims the app has an average time saved of $1,000 per driver, and an average cost savings of $7,000 for each driver., another company that develops an app to track driving habits, has also tested the app in the past. claims its apps save drivers $2,500 in fuel costs per year.

Its mobile app, DrivingBy, offers a dashboard where drivers can see their current driving time, speed, number of trips, fuel consumption and road trip cost.

It also tracks the distance and time spent by the driver, the distance traveled, the average fuel consumption per trip and fuel used, and also provides detailed information about road trip fuel use and time of day.

The company said drivers can opt to track the results of the app by going into the app, selecting a trip from the map, selecting the correct trip type, and clicking on the “Save” button.

It is also possible to set a filter to see which destinations a driver would like to visit.

DrivedBy has partnered with the US company Avis to develop a new version of the driving app, called AvisDriving, that will be available for download in Australia this year.

DrivesBy.NET is the second Australian company to test SmartBuds app for the environment, after Avis, and is now also available in the United States.

The Australian Government is currently developing its own version of SmartBudys app, and the Government is committed to making the app available in Australia and other countries around the world.