There are a lot of companies building warehouses.

But what’s going on behind the scenes?

Amazon, for one, wants to help them.

The tech giant says its technology is going to make it easier to track and manage the inventory that goes into warehouses.

And it says it wants to build its own logistics business.

But the company’s vision isn’t as far-fetched as you might think.

The company says it’s working with suppliers to build a data-driven logistics system that could revolutionize logistics.

The company says its warehouse technology is already helping to move goods to markets like the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The software can identify and analyze the goods that it’s shipping, track them, and then track how they’re moving from one location to another.

And it can identify how many of those goods are moving from the warehouse to the next, and what they’re worth.

It also helps the company track inventory in warehouses across the globe.

All of that’s happening in a room called the Echo Dot, which sits behind the front desk of the Amazon warehouse.

The Echo Dot can be programmed to give information to other Amazon employees, but it can also act as an app.

It can show information to you, say, the location of a product.

The Echo Dot’s assistant can also show you a map of a warehouse or show you the location and type of items in a warehouse.

And, because the Echo can hear you and respond to your commands, the software can even do its own voice commands.

This is the kind of service Amazon would like to build into warehouses that would help it make money.

The tech giant is investing more than $200 million into a warehouse automation startup called Logisticsbot, a subsidiary of its logistics business AmazonFresh.

It’s looking to partner with other warehouses to automate the processes of sorting, shipping, and managing inventory.