A man who spends a lot of time looking after his pets is facing being thrown out of his home.

And if that isn’t bad enough, he’s being asked to pay more rent to the landlord.

Rescue dog owner Jason Houser was given a notice to vacate his home by his landlord, who said he had breached the Tenancy Act.

Jason Housers Pet Rescue is hoping that a court order will allow him to stay in his home while he fights to keep his pet.

He has spent years raising dogs for him and his wife to look after.

But last year, he received a notice that he had to leave his property.

It said that he breached the terms of the tenancy agreement with his landlord and was being evicted.

“He’s in this for the money,” Jason said.

So what’s going on with this?

The law has been changing, but the rules have not, Jason said, so why is it that landlords have to be aware of their tenants’ pets?

It has to be a breach of the law if they don’t have a reason to evict you Jason said he is still awaiting a hearing.

What does this mean for me?

Jason has been in the rental business for 12 years and his landlord has been living in the property for several years.

They have been living together for 10 years, and he has a mortgage.

The landlord had said he was aware of the fact that Jason had pets and would be paying them rent, but he had not asked Jason to pay for them.

However, when Jason went to his landlord to complain about the eviction, he found that the landlord had been evicting him for a long time and had no reason to do so.

If Jason is to stay, he will have to pay the rent, as well as pay the landlord the cost of the removal.

Jason has already paid the landlord $2500, and has not received a letter from the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTFB).

If the Landlords and Tenants Board finds that the breach of contract is serious, it will take action against the landlord and possibly force him to pay back any money he has received in rent, he said.

But Jason said that while he is worried about losing his home, he is not going to leave.

“I have a great dog and I’m not going anywhere,” Jason told ABC Local Radio.

In the meantime, he wants his neighbours to know about his pet rescue.

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