A few months ago, the head of Amis Logistics, Jeff Fosch, and his team announced a new project to deliver on their promise of using a large number of sensors in logistics to deliver real-time data to logistics companies.

The sensors will be used in two ways: for delivering real-world delivery data, and for monitoring a company’s performance. 

The sensor platform will be built using open source hardware and software, and Amis is building on the expertise of a long-time industry partner, Logistics Business Intelligence, in the use of the sensor technology. 

Amis will be partnering with several logistics companies to get their data into a single platform, and the platform will integrate with the company’s own analytics platform to provide the company with real-data-driven insights. 

At the heart of the platform is a platform called the Sensor Platform.

This platform is built on the Open Source MSP430 sensor, which is a large, flexible, low-power, low cost, embedded processor that provides data processing, analysis, and storage capabilities to sensor solutions. 

“The Sensor Platform provides a scalable platform for sensor data that can be used to enable high-throughput, high-quality, real-life delivery of logistics and logistics-related information.

It also provides a platform to build a wide range of smart devices, including mobile app, cloud, and IoT devices. 

Data will be delivered by the Sensor platform in real time to any of the company s products and services, or to any third party, or by third parties on behalf of the sensors, in a manner that is consistent with the underlying infrastructure, business processes, and business objectives. 

In addition to the Sensor System, the Sensor-based Platform can be integrated into a wide variety of third-party products and solutions, including software, hardware, and software services. 

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