Watson Diagnostic is to be bought by UK logistics firm Logistics Growth.

The deal follows a takeover bid by Amazon for UK logistics giant UK Logistics Group last year.

The sale is expected to close by the end of the year.

Watson Diagnosis is the first US-based company to be acquired by Logistics growth.

Logistics Growth has a large customer base in logistics and logistics management, and has an annual turnover of over $30 billion.

Watson Diagnostics will be owned by Logistic Growth. 

Logistics growth has been in talks with Watson Diagnostix and a number of other logistics companies since mid-2018. 

The deal is expected make Watson Diagnosys global in scale and scope. 

Watson will remain in the US. 

A Watson Diagnustys product will be available to any medical professional with a prescription from its website.

This includes a variety of healthcare products, including: Tylenol nasal spray Caffeine nasal spray The new Watson Diagnotix is expected in stores in 2019. 

This deal is the latest in a string of acquisitions that have been announced in recent months. Read more Posted by Healthcare News Today at 9:08AM