Logistics managers have long been the most important career in the logistics field, especially when it comes to managing large and complex operations.

This post covers the jobs for the jobs at Lipsey Logistics, a North Carolina logistics company.

The company is expanding its logistics capabilities and expanding into new markets in North Carolina and Georgia, so we are pleased to report that the company is now looking for a new logistics manager.

Lipsey also recently hired an additional logistics manager and expects to add another as part of that process.

The job description for the new position includes a variety of roles, including managing logistics, shipping and supply chain management, logistics marketing, logistics technology and support.

This position will include an emphasis on high-level, customer-focused and innovative capabilities, with an emphasis in product management and technology.

The ideal candidate will be able to: Manage logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and supply-chain logistics; support a broad range of customer needs and provide effective support to these functions; be able adapt to a wide range of environments; and work in a fast-paced and complex environment with an opportunity to gain a broad understanding of logistics operations.

The hiring process for this position will take approximately 3-5 months and is expected to open in the coming weeks.

The position will be paid $56,852 with benefits. 

The company has a large fleet of pickup trucks that are used to move merchandise and supplies around the world, so it makes sense for the company to consider hiring a logistics manager as well. 

Lipsey Logistic has already opened a recruitment process, but it appears that there are no specific requirements.

The recruiter should be able explain why they are seeking a skilled logistics manager with experience managing logistics operations, shipping, supply-line management, supply chains, manufacturing, logistics and supply. 

As for the job description, it includes the following:Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing logistics supply chains and logistics technology support.

Responsibilities will include:Assist in logistics supply chain development, logistics management, shipping logistics, and logistics marketing.

Support logistics operations through quality control and product quality assurance.

Provide quality assurance to the logistics operation team.

Lead a team of senior management professionals to provide the best service to customers.

Be an integral part of the logistics team, working directly with the product and supply teams, manufacturing teams, and the supply chain teams.

Ensure that the product lines are well managed and product delivery processes are efficient.

Assist the production and distribution teams to manage inventory, schedule and process orders.

Maintain product quality and maintain inventory control, including tracking inventory and product status.

Provides leadership to the manufacturing and logistics team to ensure that product shipments are delivered as scheduled and product schedules are met.

Ensures quality control of product delivery process, including inventory and process and quality management.

Envision and execute long-term, cost-effective solutions for global logistics.