NHL.com columnist and former NHLPA executive director Ron Burkle reported Friday.

The NHL will likely reduce its annual salary cap from $71.5 million to $67.5 to accommodate a potential cap spike from the lockout.

Burkle predicted the NHL would cut salaries from around $3.2 million to around $2 million per season.

But the union has little choice, he said.

“The players union has been the backbone of the salary cap movement in the NHL,” Burkle said.

The league is going away from that.””

The NHL is going to have to cut back on their salaries because they’re the biggest contributor to it.

The league is going away from that.”

Burkle said it’s likely the NHL will continue to take a “smaller slice” of each team’s salary cap each season to allow the league to absorb the full cost of the players and their families, which would allow the teams to absorb a smaller amount of the costs of the lockout with a smaller tax bill.

The NHL has yet to announce its cap figures.

Burkles comments come after Burkles team, the Players’ Association, said Friday it was considering the possibility of a salary cap decrease from the 2016-17 season.

That was a two-year extension that ended in January.

Burkkles comments came after Burkle told ESPN on Wednesday that the union’s leadership would not back down on its demands for the NHL to cut players’ salaries from $3 million per year to $2.5m.

Burkley also said the union would push for the league’s cap to be capped at $62.5 billion for the next two seasons.

The NHL’s salary-cap number will be revealed this summer.