“It’s a myth.

There are no troops on the ground, there’s no Army.”

—The Post’s Robert Costa (@costareports) August 10, 2018 “The military’s a joke, a joke that it’s never been serious.”

—Sen. Tom Cotton (@SenTomCotton) August 9, 2018 If the Army had troops, the Trump administration would be in a much worse position than it is now.

The President has spent a year saying the military is underfunded, and the military’s been a disaster.

As Trump’s military advisers have struggled to understand what is needed, the military has failed to develop a coherent strategy for how to fight ISIS and other global threats.

It’s clear that the military lacks the resources and the skills to fight the world’s most dangerous threats.

That’s the real story of the Trump era.

Trump’s national security advisers have a lot to answer for.