The US has long been one of the world’s most densely populated countries, but the map has become a focus of controversy in recent years as maps of the country have become increasingly focused on urban centers.

Google Maps has recently been used to promote the city of Austin, Texas, as a tourist destination.

It was also used by the US government to promote an online ad campaign that targeted millennials.

Now, the US has decided to expand its searchable mapping tools, and Google Maps will now be able to include the country’s entire metro area. 

“As a result of our partnership with Google, Google Maps users will be able now see the entire metropolitan area of the US,” Google Maps director of product planning Rob Fischbach told TechCrunch.

“Google Maps users now will be shown maps in every zip code of the United States, even when there is only one town in a city or town.”

The announcement comes amid growing interest in the US’s growing metropolitan area, with recent reports showing that the US is becoming a “megacity.”

Google has already announced plans to make its mapping technology available to local governments in the future. 

According to Google, the announcement marks the first time that Google Maps maps will be available in all regions of the continental United States.