A Palestinian woman who was killed by Israeli airstrikes during an attack on a Gaza home on Wednesday was pregnant, according to her father, and she was a mother of three.

The mother, who was named as Marwa Qadam, was 34.

The strike, in which four rockets hit homes in the southern Gaza Strip, killed the pregnant woman and her three-year-old son, according a Palestinian news agency.

The Associated Press news agency reported that Qadami was in the process of returning to her family home in the town of Khan Younis when Israeli warplanes bombed the house.

She was killed at the scene, according the report.

Qadam was from Beit Hanoun, a town near the Gaza Strip.

It is located about 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of the coastal enclave, which is controlled by Israel.

Qatada Qadams death came just weeks after Israel’s military launched a second round of air strikes against Hamas targets in the enclave.

Israel has also carried out several raids in the Gaza strip in recent weeks, targeting Hamas militants and civilians.

Israel says the targets are meant to halt rocket fire from the enclave into Israel.