Logistics is one of the most sought after jobs for US tech workers and one of those where you can make a lot of money, thanks to its popularity.

Logistics jobs can pay $60,000 per year and are available in cities such as Seattle, New York and San Francisco.

The top 10 most lucrative Amazon logistics jobs according to the company are:1.

Warehouse Assistant – $80,000.2.

Warehouse Manager – $90,0003.

Warehouse Analyst – $100,0004.

Warehouse Security – $110,0005.

Warehouse Associate – $120,0006.

Warehouse Supervisor – $130,0007.

Warehouse Customer Support – $150,0008.

Warehouse Marketing Specialist – $160,0009.

Warehouse Warehouse Operations – $170,00010.

Warehouse Production Engineer – $180,000The best Amazon logistics job pays up to $200,000 annually and requires at least three years of experience, but it is highly competitive, according to Amazon.com, which has published the list.

Amazon’s list shows that warehouse and warehouse operations jobs in the United States earn the highest salaries in the world.

It is also the most lucrative jobs, with $60 million worth of annual pay, according the company.

The Amazon list shows the top 10 Amazon logistics positions in the country, based on salary and the most expensive positions.

In total, there are 9,977 Amazon logistics management jobs.

Here are the top 25 Amazon logistics salaries for the US:1) Warehouse Assistant$80,002) Warehouse Manager$90,003) Warehouse Analyst$100,004) Warehouse Security$110,005) Warehouse Associate$120,006) Warehouse Supervisor$130,007) Warehouse Customer Service$140,008) Warehouse Marketing Manager$160,009) Warehouse Warehouse Ops$170,0010) Warehouse Production Engine$180,00Amazon.com lists Amazon logistics operations jobs as one of Amazon’s top three most valuable jobs, but the company does not list it in its annual salary report.