Hanson International is moving its logistics operations from Houston into San Antonio, Texas, in a $1.5 billion project to build a high-speed train network.

The railroad will also include freight services and some small parcel services.

Hanson said it plans to create 1,000 jobs at its San Antonio operations.

The move follows a move by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) last year to add the company to the agency’s Priority List of companies that would receive funding to build or expand railroads.

The federal agency, in its 2016 list of the top 30 railroad companies, also included Hanson.

The state is investing $20 million to build and expand an existing rail line between San Antonio and the state’s Gulf Coast.

It will also expand the rail line from Corpus Christi, Texas.

In addition to building the new line, the company is expanding a line that connects the San Antonio-to-New Braunfels area with the Gulf Coast and the northern Texas cities of Corpus Christ.

The company expects to have the train ready to go in 2021.

Hanson is also building a line to connect with an existing freight rail line in New Braunfills.

The two projects will combine with a separate line that will connect to the Gulf Coastal Railway.

Hanson has also expanded its Texas operations in the past year, announcing it will build a new Texas rail line.

Hanson says the new rail line will serve the region’s “over 500,000 commuters” and be able to handle “the fastest and most efficient freight trains.”

The company has not said when it will begin construction of the line.