Walmart has announced it is opening its first warehouse in the Bay Area, as it tries to shift its focus to other areas.

The move comes just weeks after Walmart agreed to buy a fleet of more than 200 trucks to deliver goods from California.

The warehouse in San Jose, California, will be built with state-of-the-art technology and will be a testbed for Walmart’s new logistics and warehouse operations, Walmart spokesperson Alex Lappin said in a statement.

Walmart is looking to build the warehouse in tandem with Amazon’s logistics and fulfillment operations.

The company has been experimenting with warehouses in the past, but this is the first time Walmart has built its own.

It will also be the first Walmart to open a warehouse in another state.

Walmart is trying to become a leader in the logistics industry with its recent acquisition of online grocery delivery service Grab, which Amazon announced in March.

Walmart’s warehouses are a key part of that strategy, and Walmart is now expanding its delivery capabilities beyond the United States.

The warehouse will likely be used to house warehouses of other companies, such as Amazon’s fulfillment and warehousing operations in Texas, Lappisaid.

Walmart will have access to the warehouse space as it expands operations, he added.

Amazon’s warehouses in Texas have been growing at an unsustainable pace and are projected to account for 20% of Walmart’s warehouse capacity by 2021.