Sklearn’s SASR-3 is the new big one

SASR 3 is the newest version of SAS, and it’s coming soon to the web.It’s designed to accelerate data science.And it’s an important update for SAS and SASR users alike.This article walks you through how to get up and running with SASR and SAS-3 and then get to know SAS-R, the new SASR version.The article […]

Why I’m leaving McKinsey and moving into the next big thing

I am leaving McKinley to become the next boss at McKinsey.It is a big deal.For me, it’s a big opportunity.It’s going to be a huge challenge to be in a big company where you are constantly having to change your approach, but you have the ability to learn from the best and you can really […]

How to drive business growth and save money with Megacorp Logistics Management

When you hire a manager for a new project, you’ll need to hire someone who has a proven track record.You’ll want someone who can manage the project from the start to finish.But the best part is that it’s all possible with Megaco Logistics.The company is a logistics and management giant.It employs over 2,000 people and […]

The jw logistics model: the latest update

By Simon D. StilesAuthor(s): Simon StilesThis article was originally published on 28 March 2018.Updated on 28 April 2018.The jw logistical model is the most widely used model to estimate the growth of the logistics industry.Its performance in estimating demand, growth and profit, and its robustness to uncertainty are the foundations of its effectiveness.It is also […]

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