The new HoH website has been updated!

Posted September 09, 2018 08:59:52A new version of the HoH homepage has been uploaded to the game’s official website, updating all the pages that were updated in the last couple of weeks.The HoH Wiki has also been updated with more information and links to the main article, as well as a new map to be […]

How to manage the logistics of a huge expo: Phoenix logistics

Phoenix logistics has been the backbone of the Australian economy since the 1960s.But the company has been hit hard by the downturn in commodity prices, and is struggling to adapt to the pressures of an ever-expanding marketplace.Al Jazeera’s Andrew Rawnsley reports from Sydney.

Why did the XPO Logistics stock trade like wildfire?

The XPO logistics stock has been in a downtrend for several weeks.As of yesterday, it was down more than $3,000, or about 1.6% at $15.60.That’s a lot of volatility.It’s been a pretty tough week for XPO.The stock has dropped from $18.95 a share to $12.95 in the past 24 hours, and has been trading at […]

‘Penguin’s’ Watson, Watson, and the rest of the Penguin team are ready to go: A sneak peek at Watson’s journey to the top of the food chain

Watson is a highly regarded roboticist who’s been a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for the past several years, with projects ranging from the popular BBC Watson robot to the upcoming Amazon Alexa smart assistant.The news comes just a few days after Watson announced that it was hiring a new chief technology officer (CTO) and […]

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